• Installation of building blasting simulation
  • Building blasting study, detonator, wires, empty dynamite sticks and audio

And more still: here are your wires, your detonator, your cartridges. Get burning. There’s no way out. Explode, burst, smash, open, break, crack, splinter, disintegrate, spoil, drain, exhaust, use, take advantage, utilise, exploit, burst, detonate, shatter, wreck, blow up, shatter, bust, dynamite, fly into pieces, knock down, tear up, destroy, disappear, detonate, activate. There’s no longer a spectrator here either, just a mirror. Look at yourself.

Gabriela Jáuregui.

Challenging the stars: the future belongs to no one, or to Eugenio Ampudia .

Catalogue The Future Belongs to No One Yet, 2015.