• Video installation
  • Four projectors and four DVD players
  • Varying dimensions, from 312 x 936 to 624 x 1872 cm.
  • Edition of 3

Consists of four projections which blend together on the floor (aerial projections) that recreate this meteorological phenomenon on a loop. The ground is white, for use as a projection screen, and a 5-metre ceiling height is required to enable the projectors to cover this space. The four DVD players must be synchronized and can be substituted for hard disks with executable video or CPU. Also required are four powered speakers or an amplifier and four speakers (the sound is important to create the desired result). The walls surrounding the space will be white.

Since the rain falls indoors, and over the spectators, this is all about rain that turns into a storm in their minds, and soaks them to the skin, at least conceptually.

As Mariano Navarro points out in his catalogue text: ‘Interior Rain brings together two meteorological elements that artists have “naturally” represented: clouds and rain. This first foray into what one might call the landscape, Ampudia offers an ironic take on the romantic image of nature […] and on the exalted figure of the Artist. Watching the clouds creates metaphors of melancholy and the passage of time… Reality says, however, that they are a visible set of droplets of water and tiny ice particles suspended in the atmosphere, and that when these droplets collide with each other within the clouds, they form larger and heavier droplets which fall like rain.’