Interactive. To play click and use the arrow keys.

  • Interactive video installation of variable dimensions
  • Image: Pedro Albornoz

Eugenio Ampudia invites the spectator to slip into the role of collector, and to manage a collection of art made up of 158 works, dating from 1929 (the opening of the MOMA) until the mid-1990s: a magnificent period for art collecting.

For this site-specific piece, he has created two interactive parts of the Collectors series: one of museum works, real size, which are projected on a 12-metre high wall, and other more intimate in a plasma screen display. The Renaissance space of the chapel, laden with history, becomes the perfect environment, adding the time factor.

The works of Duchamp, Bourgeois, Beuys, Rothko, Holzer, Manzoni, Nauman, etc. keep falling inexorably, one after the other, and it is the spectator’s job to decide where to place them, organizing them to avoid an accumulation that becomes impossible to manage.

Using video game mechanics, the artist reminds us that Art History is subjective and depends on the approach and the power of those who manage large collection