Every word is like an unnecessary stain on silence and nothingness

Site-specific for Abierto X Obras, Matadero Madrid

A pool of dark water reflects the burnt-out room of Abierto X Obras and its visitors.
The public wanders around a wooden walkway which surrounds the still water.
The only interaction with the piece is by calling a phone number.
Each call produces ripples on the water.
People can make multiple calls at the same time (up to 10) and generate a large number of waves on the surface, as the SIM card functions as a switchboard.
A SIM card connected to an Arduino, electrovalves and an air compressor produce bubbles on the water’s surface when calls are received.
An unnecessary stain on silence and nothingness?
The title, a phrase used by Samuel Beckett to describe his work in 1969, plays – as does the installation itself – with paradox. That which lies in impossibility, in the beauty of decline or in the meaning of existence.