• Wooden structure
  • Site specific piece for MUBAM
  • 220 x 100 x 80

We are in room VIII of Murcia’s Museo de Bellas Artes [Museum of Fine Art], a room devoted to the Allegories, decorative painting and landscapes. It could not be a more ideal place: the nineteenth-century bourgeoisie liked to adorn their homes with decorative pictures in a Modernist style that was making a sensation in Paris and was quickly becoming fashionable across Europe. This decorative zeal (the simple reason to have pictures at home as a status symbol of the new bourgeois society) attains a second dimension here, given another meaning under the direction of Ampudia. These pictures attached to the hut become anonymous, since they no longer have a plaque to identify them, their provenance is unknown, except for those with readable signatures. Landscapes, portraits, still lifes, vases, ephebes and genre scenes mingle in a cheerful temporary overcrowding, covering a traditional hut from Murcia. This in itself is another allegory, once more caused by the artist and his displays throughout MUBAM. And the respect for the artworks (exhibited mostly in room VIII of the museum) is at no point lost – this act of “covering the hut with paintings” does not degrade the temporarily relocated works, neither in their quality, origin or in the way they are displayed. Plaques and nails, empty spaces left by the pictures on the wall, lit as if they were in their place, form an artwork together with the hut.